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Dave has a gift for seeing straight into the heart of any organisation and giving the advice and guidance that they need. He is without question an inspirational person whose drive and enthusiasm is infectious. We need more Daves in the world!


Emma Pawsey

CEO - Hebron Housing

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Barnabus asked Dave Fawcett of Good Deeds Unlimited to help us get our supported housing project off to a good start. With Dave’s extensive knowledge and experience of setting up and managing various types of accommodation projects, and his understanding and compassion for the people we support, he was invaluable in asking the questions we did not know to ask, and in identifying gaps and risks in our initial plans. The result has been a smooth operational start to our housing project, a confident management team and a Board of Trustees who can trust the governance Dave helped us to build.


The finance model required someone with Dave’s knowledge of fundraising, so it made sense to ask him to look into our fundraising model and to challenge us where he identified gaps. Dave showed he is an effective critical friend throughout the process, whilst remaining sympathetic to people’s need to understand and accept change.



Yvonne Hope - CEO, Barnabus

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‘Although I've only recently begun working with Dave, I can attest to his unwavering enthusiasm for supporting charities in their journey towards sustainability.  Leveraging his extensive experience and knowledge, he actively engages with trustees, staff, and volunteers, working collaboratively to pinpoint potential weaknesses and opportunities in income generation.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him and have been actively introducing him to our charity clients.’  


Richard Felton, Director, Felton Fundraising

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