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Sustainability is essential for any organisation. We provide an extensive review of your organisation, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the problems you are facing. We then give practical guidance and support that helps you navigate your current challenges, and build sustainably for the future.  

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We conduct a comprehensive review of your organisation and present you with a sustainable structured approach to your fundraising. Our goal is to ensure that your organisation meets its financial targets and continues to grow and prosper.

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Regular Givers

Developing a support network of monthly regular givers can seem like a daunting task. We can advise on everything from creating a concept, supporter engagement and delivery.

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Bid writing

Having won numerous grants over the years, we can help you submit a robust and effective funding bid that increases your chances of gaining the funding you need. 

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Effective feedback is essential when understanding the needs of your customers / workforce. We will help you ask the right questions that give you an accurate insight into how to best shape your organisation moving forward. 

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We will help you produce a calendar of events, working with your existing resources and team, which can be repeated, developed and grown every year.

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If you are considering joining forces or merging with another charity, we can help you and your trustees to consider the pitfalls and opportunities and guide you through the process.

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When it comes to building sustainably for the future, a strong brand and clear messaging is vital. We can work with you to update your brand identity and shape your messaging in a way that clearly articulates your vision and gets people's attention. 

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